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EMS Books & Resources

To be compliant with your course cirricula and textbook policies outlined by the regulating 
program agencies Snowy River EMS Productions has provided links to places for students
to purchase course books/manuals. Just click on the imagees below - We have the pleasure of partnering with to provide students with discounted pricing on books. 
The EMS Resource Links section is dedicated to providing a variety of EMS and Fire Service related websites. 
Purchase Textbooks: 


For discounted pricing on any of your course required textbooks or manuals click on the Amazon logo   - you will be redirected to their website and will receive discounted pricing on all your course materials. 


You can also find your textbooks/manuals for a variety of courses including: PHTLS, EMPACT, PEPP, AMLS, ITLS and even your AHA course student manuals. 

AHA Textbook Distributors


Click on the AHA logo to see the list of authorized American Heart Association Distributors. You can purchase the current Student Provider Manuals for any of the Advanced Cardiac Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (BLS HCP) courses. 

EMS Resource Links: 


For a list of EMS Resources and websites just click on the Star of Life.  We want to make sure all of our students have an array of Resources to use throughout their careers. The Resources Page consistis of EMS, FIre, Nursing and Medical sites. 


If you have a resource you would like us to add please contact us.  


"Saving the Patients of  Tomorrow Through Education Today"

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